State of Community Opened and Presented A call

We invite you to create a broadside for an exhibition in San Francisco.

Opening May 18, Streetopia will include performances, talks, screenings, workshops, installations, utopian billboards, a Free Café, and a new public mural project created by BPP artist Emory Douglas. All events are free; many staged in the city streets.

For Streetopia, we want to foster an eruption of free news, posters, poetry, art and polemic that invokes the creativity and diversity of the free, ultra-independent, anarchist publications circulating in San Francisco from 1965-1972. We are especially inspired by the Digger Papers, the Digger initiated Free City Press, and Kaliflower, published weekly by the Sutter Street (later Kaliflower) Commune from 1969-72+ (& occasionally to date). The wildly heterogeneous Kaliflower was distributed by hand for free to 300 communal households. To see it, check out Eric Noble’s stimulating Diggers Archive linked here.

OUR CALL: The State of Community Opened and Presented
A call out for free news and digger energy and imagination from city to city.
words, photos, drawings, dreams, ideas, designs, plans, polemics, poems
What are you thinking, seeing, doing, learning where you are? What about others?
Do you have a free store? Let us know where it is! What has been your experience?
Please send us a broadside-------
inspired by your dreams for making another city, another world. You can respond to or derive ideas from the body of Digger communiqués online. Or not.
You can be fancy, but you don’t have to. Do your thing.

Keep it all free; no items or services for sale.
Broadsides will be printed and exhibited in Streetopia with original issues of Kaliflower and Free City News. Your broadsides will also be hand delivered to 300 addresses in San Francisco that are part of an intercommunal network, past present and future. We have addresses! Tell us your dreams, how you live and how you want to live. Give us your mailing address and you will all get something back.

Size: 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14
Format: digital (.pdf or tiff) or paper

Email submissions to:
Deadline: April 30, 2012

Mail submissions to:
The state of community
125 Belvedere St. #4
San Francisco, CA
Shasta Bioregion 94117

don’t put off what you can do today; whatever you do will be delicious!
Perfectionists need not struggle with ideals of quality: leave excellence of production for the for bean counters: Excellent conviction, love and searing truthfulness is all we want!
Hope you can send something

love from KATALOG: Duskin Drum, Bochay Drum and Sarah Lewison
Some slogans, sparks, stubs and provocations below

LOST PROPERTY -- LOST POSTERS: slogans from flyers people remember but no longer have, or we have read but have no image, or that are well ripe to reappropriate.

If you’re not a Digger you’re property.
Our Lady of the Rubble
Peoples Restoration versus development
Todo es gratis en el pais de los Diggers
Todo es gratis en el tienda de los Diggers.
1% of white people are free/ 101% of Chinese people are free (this text is in mouth bubbles above two appropriated Tong warriors)
survival school
Engage the streets, take care of your extended family which is everyone around you,
If someone wants to see the manager, tell him he is the manager.
No authorship, no division.
A fire in the street is like a fire in the heart.
What should be done with the closed police stations?

Above is an early Digger paper from the Diggers Archive. More including a film at

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